Show Committee

The President and Committee wish to thank all stewards and helpers for their contribution towards the success of our 157th Show.

President: Lachy Campbell 

Senior Vice-President: Kate Griffin
Junior Vice-President: John Drife 
Immediate Past President:  Malcom Hull 

Society Secretary: Barb Adam, Karen Rustman
Horse Secretaries: Angela Flowers, Kate Griffin
Treasurer: Murray Cook
Assistant Treasurer: Laura Cook

Sponsorship Coordinators: T. Ambrose
Schedule Editors: A.Campbell, R. Campbell
Website Editor: A. Campbell 
Groundskeeper:  G Coon

Ringmaster: M. Rustman
Measuring Steward: A. Flowers
Announcer: A. Lucas
Ground Managers: R. Campbell, A. Campbell, L. Campbell

Committee: B Adam, T Ambrose, R Anderson, J Bedwell, J Bolland, A Campbell, B Campbell, L Campbell, R Campbell, P Clarke, M Cook, L Cook, G Coon, S Corney, J Coutts, W Coutts, Jenny Crawford, John Crawford, C Culvenor, J Drife, A Flowers, R Fraser, N Georgio, K Griffin, W Harwood, M Hull, C Impey, S Kinnersly, G Mason, L McLennan, D Phillips, K Rustman, M Rustman, R Seers, A Veerman 

Protest Committee: President, Vice Presidents, Chief Steward 

Bankers: Creswick & District Community Bank (Clunes Agency)
Hon. Veterinary Officer: Ballarat Veterinary Practice.
Hon. Medical Assistance: Clunes Health Service
Clunes Agricultural Society's P.I.C No 3HPLS092